About Us

Who is Behind All This?

Gibson’s Shoe Factory, Incorporated, a well known manufacturer of high performance military and safety shoes in Marikina City, Philippines since 1945, has reached another milestone in 2012 by forming a new subsidiary company known as Gibson Kids Trading. Gibson Kids Trading mission is to provide high quality leather shoes for school children. The company has proven itself to be a success as students who wore Gibson Kids school shoes expressed satisfaction with its durability, non slip sole and stylish design. It is also comfortable to wear, lightweight and water resistant. Aside from making shoes for school children, Gibson Kids Trading has ventured in another line of shoes and created Antonio Manila a year later.

Antonio Manila offers the classic yet fashionable Oxford and Derby Brogue design that can either be full or wing tip, semi, quarter or long wing brogue style. Brogue shoes are traditionally black or brown in color and made of leather. But with the creativity of Antonio Manila’s design team, a variety of styles, designs, and colors were introduced using different materials like leather, suede or patented leather for a more fashionable footwear. It can be paired with a wide range of formal and semi-formal clothing. Each pair of Antonio Manila shoes is made of high quality materials and carefully handcrafted by skilled shoemakers. Attention to details in the cutting, fitting and sewing ensures a great fit and exceptional durability and comfort.